Benefits of using a humidifier

    What are the benefits of using humidification with your sleep apnea therapy? Find the answers to your most frequently asked questions about humidifiers below.

    Q. What are the benefits of using a humidifier?

    A. Using a humidifier with your device can reduce dryness and congestion and improve comfort because the airflow generated by the device is often greater than what your body is accustomed to. However, with proper humidification, you can reduce symptoms like nasal congestion and dry throat. ResMed heated humidifiers add moisture and warmth to the air delivered by therapy devices, reducing the symptoms of dryness and congestion and improving comfort.

    Q. What masks can I use a humidifier with?

    A. All masks may be used with humidification.

    Q. I’m getting water within the tubing and mask. What can I do?

    A. Sometimes condensation (often known as "rainout") within the tubing and mask can occur; however, adjustment of the humidifier heating settings can be effective in removing this. If you have problems contact your local ResMed accredited outlet.