Astral™ table stand

    The Astral table stand is an ergonomic and convenient solution to place the Astral device on a bedside table. The stand holds the device at an inclined angle for convenient use and access by both the caregiver and the patient. The stand holds both the Astral device and its external power supply.

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    Setting up your equipment

    Need help setting up your therapy system? Start here.

    Following up on your equipment

    With your therapy underway and equipment set up, the one last and important step of this journey is following up on your treatment.

    Traveling with your equipment

    Portable and lightweight, ResMed's therapy equipment makes traveling a breeze.

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    AstralTM external battery

    The Astral external battery, designed specifically for use with the Astral Series, provides increased battery capacity and autonomy.

    AstralTM Mobility Bag

    Designed to protect the Astral™ ventilator while providing greater freedom and mobility.


    ResMed's award winning* Astral is designed to deliver excellence in invasive and noninvasive life support ventilation for both adult and paediatric patients with a double circuit option.